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Atlantis Odyssey
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  • Version : 1.39
  • Updated : April 12, 2022
  • Size : Varies with device
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

I love this game! It takes a little time to really grow in the game, even if you are using real money. The story is excellent and the graphics are excellent. You need different body poses for mi\'ara and different facial expressions for all characters. Those who are used now do not always fit the event. Enjoying ... I had a problem with the application of the application when doing anything (harvest/plant crops, collecting/doing resources, changing location, etc.). They informed the developers and restarted their servers that were in charge of the problem. They were even friendly enough to give me an additional dynamite and gems for the problem ... I have trouble seeing the red text in the requirements to complete the tasks. The small text, in red, is almost impossible to read. I am trying to board the octopus ear on a side island and I need wool. I can\'t say if I need 3, 6, 8 or 9 wool packages. It is the same in the \"camp fire\" requirement ... I have been waiting forever that the game is updated. Keep saying that the explorers are tired and need to rest. They have had more than two weeks on vacation, how much more do they rest? I love the game, graphics and stories. I collect resources from the daily search. But I think it\'s more than ... This is a fun game! There are many events that make it easier to obtain additional bonds and materials to do things that I really enjoy the announcement of history and the graphics are great! I\'ve been playing for more than a year and he\'s still loving me! It is still my favorite game! If you like to build games, this is kiss ...

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"Welcome to the island adventure of the Atlantis Odyssey game! Here you can not only dip into the exciting world of mysteries but upgrade your traveller skills: this lost civilization needs your knowledge. All you need to join this journey island is just your backpack - the adventure is already waiting for you! So, what’s now? Let’s start our travel island odyssey! Congrats, you’ve just reached an unexplored spot on the world map! Your ‘fantasy vs. reality’ adventure in Atlantis is about to begin! Is it going to be a village life simulation, or some thrilling adventure roadtrip instead? You’ll never know until you check it! Follow Atlantis trails and explore Atlantean civilization with aspiring adventurers Robert and Nicole! Will they meet some tribe life of Atlantean people? Will they build & restore an ancient magic town by themselves? Come and help them! On any farm & adventure game, camp, food, and tools matter the most. Set up your farm, build factories and start to craft resources! Adventures in odyssey style are more exciting and complex than you could ever imagine! Farming, growing crops, gathering your own harvest are just a small part of this lost island adventure! ⚒ This area is packed with mysterious ruins! Restore Atlanteans’ magic workshops with the help of powerful crystals - be engaged in mythic & prehistoric adventures! Find all the hidden treasures and secret places of Atlantis Odyssey! Want to explore Atlantis and the local culture even better? Complete all the trip adventure goals and work on farm produce orders! Complete challenging quests, breed animals, harvest crops, and have fun! Nicole and Robert just started pitching a tent! Go help them with the rest of their farm & expedition adventures!

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