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Curse of Aros - MMORPG
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Bitgate, Inc.
  • Version : 1.28.3
  • Updated : May 11, 2022
  • Size : 86.2 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Very fun MMORPG Mobile. You can feel a bit ground, but you don\'t feel payment to win at all. They are only cosmetics and things of quality of life as a mobile bank. The only thing I would love to change is to let the elaboration of articles accumulate! The inventory is too small and running from one side of the bank chest every two seconds is incredibly annoying. Otherwise, I have been having fun and I really hope more updates! Excellent free experience to play. The salary structure is fair and depends almost completely on cosmetics. The development is increasing, only a great content came out. Many MMO are completely not interesting or seem to require a commitment of several years to progress well. This can be fun at 10, 100 or 1000 hours of game time. It is worth your shot. This is probably the best mobile MMORPG that I have found, I love simple graphics and retro music, and it does not feel like an effective taking like so many other games today, I have been playing for a week and a half. Now and the only problem I have encountered is to collide once in a time, probably approximately one or twice a day, it is not an important problem since I do not lose any progress, but I hope they fix it soon, in general , really a really great experience! This game feels like a 2D casual version of Runescape that is great in Mobile. I\'m really enjoying it so far. There are a variety of different areas to explore, levels to level up and monsters to fight. I used to play a game called Endless Online as a child and reminds me of that combined with Runescape. I wish developers the best of luck to continue developing this game. It is really good and has more potential. It is very compact and fun! I enjoy the fast rhythm game and the incredible graphics. However, I have something to say: 1) It seems that you can pick up other players too easily if you were close to their death. I probably made more than 1500 gold doing that during the first 5 minutes. 2) It seems that there are no advanced controls to divide elements into your inventory/bank. If you select a stack of items on your bank, they will take all your space. I\'m enjoying the game!

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"Fight, harvest, discover - experience endless fun in this exciting MMORPG! Curse of Aros is an exciting online RPG where you can fight monsters, discover and use items, battle other players and steal their gold, or simply chat with the community in real-time.