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Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon
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Game Veterans
  • Version : 5.7.4
  • Updated : Oct 28, 2022
  • Size : 201.4 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Not many accessories other than those who are free. The game is really good, music really adds too. I like how there are enemies that you have to defeat, I don\'t see that very often in inactive games. The controls have been getting used for a while, but the tutorial does a pretty good job explaining everything while keeping it interesting. It is a great waste in general and an inactive game. Super fun game but many technical problems and I have only had it for approximately 6 hours. Sometimes you don\'t get your coins to sell things. The currency cages do not allow you to open them and then remain on your screen, which forces you to get out of the application. It does not allow you to see the announcement of a free box. When you press the clock and the button, freeze the game that forces you to get out of the application. Edit: The above problems have been solved and has become one of my favorite murderous games. I give this game five stars for a variety of reasons. He has an interesting story that you slowly discover the longer. In addition, it has some surprising mechanics that are unique and make the game look less repetitive and monotonous. For example, discover ruins and caves near the start of the game. But collapse and, therefore, you expect to progress in history. Except that the below goes, the more technology it will unlock and build things like the Cyrogenetic freezer. I have limited characters, so I\'ll get into what I like. There are purchases in the application, but I have not yet found a payment wall (there is no \"payment to continue playing\" wall, so far). Everything seems to be well balanced, the style is nice, music is excellent, the mechanics of the elaboration system is intuitive instead of confusing, there is a great underlying history, optional Kurzgesagt videos offered to give context, although it is not necessary to understand the plot. My only Nitpick is some grammar problems. I love this game. It\'s great when I\'m out or deployed because it doesn\'t require the Internet and keeps interesting things all the time. If I could ask for 1 that I change. Can we get a button \"Open all chests\" please? I see as many videos as I can and have to open each of them only stinks and it takes a long time. Rha is for incredible game.

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"Looking for idle games or digging games to be the top mining tycoon ever? Play Deep Town: Idle Mining Tycoon, dig deep & uncover the hidden story behind Deep Town and along the way discover story artifacts. Dig deeper, & build mining stations to produce more resources! We offer you one of the top idle miner games or idle tycoon games so you get the scope to discover hidden secrets and resources for your factory production. This Miner Dig Deep game brings you underground cities full of golds & artifacts. You just have to dig deep with strategic plans to collect them, start a large production and earn revenue. Manage buildings and idle resources and earn enough money to upgrade productions. Make an industrial revolution to manage and automate your mine production. Expand your town factories and give productivity a boost with drones which will automate the workflow and boost other buildings! ⚒️ Deep Town: Mining Factory - Idle Tycoon is a mining simulator or an idle industrial simulation game that mixes digging, crafting, and management to earn profit and advance your town. Our idle tycoon game aims to build a mine empire and optimize resources to gain more productivity. Use special spells to explore more than 10 different zones to uncover the crust of your town & use rockets to travel into outer space to mine on asteroids! Progres through one of the top drill mining games to get the chance to terraform your planet! Become a pro manager at multitasking and prioritize workflow to keep a constant flow of idle revenue - craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars, use the rainwater from your water collector to grow seeds into plants in your greenhouse, use miner robots to make your mine deeper to reach the planet\'s core.