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Driving Academy 2021 Simulator
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  • Version : 3.5
  • Updated : June 4, 2021
  • Size : 140M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

This app is exceptional. I think this allows kids to learn about car safety. I can tell myself how much my kids like this app. I advise you to buy \"NO ADS OFFER\" for some reasons, but others that I think is EXCELLENT AND FUNNY!!! I love this game!! It gives you full driving experience! Even if you\'re not 16 yet and are very interested in driving, use this app, it\'s amazing! If you are studying for a drivers license use this app, you will learn from it and have fun at the same time! Ty for making this game! This really teaches the importance of driving and ensures that you pay attention to taking the test as you go along, and overall it\'s great, informative, educational and fun. The best part is they don\'t charge you money! If you want a certain car, YOU CAN pay for it or watch 20-30 ada to get it. But honestly, a great app would recommend this to anyone looking to learn to drive. This game is practically a driving practice! It has everything a real teacher would have and some extra modes if you want different kinds of fun. My problem is that even though I follow the rules, it keeps saying that I crossed the double line or caused an accident. I recommend this game, but developers take a while to respond. Just be patient.

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"Driving Academy brings to you a realistic car simulator and parking game! Feel the thrill of playing a game as you practice with realistic road signs, and take driving and parking lessons with this authentic car simulator. Enroll in a virtual driving simulator school and test your car driving & parking skills - without having to go to an actual driving school! To add to the fun, drive your favorite cars as you learn to drive! Driving Academy is the ultimate parking simulator game. Buckle up, drive, steer & learn to drive a car, and follow road rules in this fun car game. Advance your skills to unlock cool cars and become a great driver!

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