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Evo Pop
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  • Version : 2.10
  • Updated : Mar 31, 2022
  • Size : 170.5 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Honestly, this game is completely free to play. 2 The option to pay to play faster. Mechanics are excellent. Apart from the occasional failure. (Spike can stay under the map and remain unable to eat. The float can leave the limits on some maps and not be able to be defeated). They also added some powers that in the early stages of progress are a discomfort and sometimes unbeatable. It is not always a brochure to level up and get new evosias. But this game is great and I want to see more maps When I started playing after the update, I confused until I realized that 6 victories are needed to unlock a mosaic and claim the reward. Now I love the new update. It gives me a reason to want to play again. In addition to so many more resources! The biggest problem I had with him before was the lack of resources. Now the more I play, the more I can gather. The levels are still very easy to overcome, but I am enjoying demolishing the other evos. Especially as the new special maps. The game has been exceptionally entertaining. I\'ve been playing for quite some time. It is a free game that also has real money options, but they have done so, so real money gives a boost, instead of breaking the game on free players, like many others. The only complaint that I have found so far is that I would like to review and review some maps. Although only because certain evos (ICE especially) can literally die before the game begins. That becomes a bit annoying Noname99 here. Progression % seems to be based on the end of the character. He says I\'m better than 100% of players. I have maximized all the characters except the virus. I think it\'s a fun game. Most of the matches are stupid, but sometimes it seems that I am playing against a human based on the elections they make and responds to my attacks. Edit: It is definitely based on completion. After adding bees and cactus, I immediately dropped to 99%. Grayded back to 100%, then the fire update left me at 99%

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"Take control of Evos — colorful creatures that live in a colony and are able to grow and multiply extremely fast. Big Evos eat smaller Evos of another breed. Dominate the area by either eating all rivals or creating the most Evos! FEATURES: - Fight against MULTIPLE ENEMIES: A three-way brawl for you to come on top of! - Enjoy a FUN PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY: Control the creatures by using different spells on them. - UPGRADE & EVOLVE: Each Evo breed has unique skills, such as jumping or sliding downhill. These properties can be upgraded to make your Evos even stronger. - PLAN A STRATEGY: Evos interact with the environment and eat grass, flowers and bugs to multiply faster. Fight for strategic resources on the map to win! - Discover DOZENS OF WORLDS: Evo Pop features multiple worlds with unique design elements and physics, making the gameplay fresh every time. Get ready to POP OFF and have FUN!