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Goddess Era
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Happyfun Limited
  • Version : 1.4.0
  • Updated : Oct 9, 2022
  • Size : 561.2 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

It took time to download the entire application! But after that, it will be absolutely the best interactive play Store that I have still played. It is only adults due to visual content. But that is exactly the reason I like it so much. There are no other games anywhere! I would like it to be a little less and confusing with all the eyelashes you have to click and wish there were more options for at least possible nudity of good taste. That said, this game moves! Don\'t disappoint you! Honestly, the game is at all times, with some small exceptions, although unimportant. Art is excellent, and so is the design of the system user interface, equipment development is not difficult to do. What could be fixed is the small number of events available for free, since most events are based on how much you spend, which is not really fair for F2P players like me. There could also be more updates in the main story of the game, since it is almost non -existent, which is a shame. It also works in some small details of grammar. Inam quite new in the game, but I am enjoying it thoroughly. It is enough like the other AFK/team games to easily build, but it is also unique enough to maintain the interest of the players while staying interesting. I also love that there are many verification lists/simultaneous achievements, and the opportunities to win, which makes you feel that I am really getting something for the time I put, even before spending. But spend even some money and you will feel the effect of GPOD rewards easily. 5Star for game. 1 star due to names of stolen characters and game land. As for the game itself, I will qualify 4 stars in general due to some errors that need solved. How to constantly kick from the game every time I go to my character\'s screen. That error needs solved. I also get out of the game when I go to the sand, I don\'t know if someone else has this problem. In addition, when collecting my rewards, it shows that I have rewards even when I go to the area to pick it up does not give me anything. It is an incredible game with a fast tutorial that does not last long. The work of art is beautiful, very oriented to adults, which is a good change since I am used to playing. I hope I do not disappoint me by becoming a payment to win as with most games there today!

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"Continent Valar, where people live and work in peace and happiness. However, the appearance of Original Crystal made all the powers move. The former vow of peace was broken, the continent was plunged into war, and even the gods joined it. In this chaotic world, who will rise and who will fall? Our selected warrior, it\'s your time to write the story! ——Features—— [FORGE BOND WITH YOUR GODDESSES] On the road to save the world, meet goddesses of all kinds and forge bond with them! Friend or enemy? You decide it! [SUMMON AND FIGHT WITH GODDESSES] Summon goddesses from different spaces! Know their stories and skills to form your strong team! [SOOTHE YOURSELF IN PARADISE] In our distinctive Paradise feature, collect different furniture and style your own place! [TEST YOUR POWER IN DUNGEONS] How many battles ahead? No one knows, just brave forward to break through the limit!