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Merge Defense 3D!
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  • Version : 1.27.287
  • Updated : August 3, 2021
  • Size : 67M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

I would like the towers to be above level 20. I just completed 1800 levels and at some point most blocks go from millions to just a few thousand. I have both layers of defenses up to level 20 and there are no more challenges because blocks don't increase in level or health. Bosses are also stuck at 2.1 billion health and don't increase. At this point, you should notice two add-ons to bring your health to 500M, where two rows of lvl 20 turrets can kill them. I love these games because it's free, thanks for creating this game. I know creating games is not easy, so keep up the good work. I know that someday you will be a successful game developer While the game basically ends at 1000 due to enemy scaling, I find myself going back to this game frequently for the diaries. As the game keeps bringing me back despite some glitches, I decided to update my review to 5 stars. Please note, I can't talk about ad frequency as I purchased the ad-free feature.

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"Merge Defense 3D is an easy to learn, hard to master Tower Defense game. How to play: • Enemy Blocks advance each turn • Place new defenders on the board to protect from enemies • Defenders shoot automatically each turn • Merge two defenders of the same level to upgrade its power • Collect Keys and Gems to use power ups and unlock new defender • Survive as long as you can

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