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Rogue Hearts
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Ninetail Games
  • Version : 1.6.8
  • Updated : Apr 19, 2022
  • Size : 490.4 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Actually a great game and only for a dollar. She wouldn\'t sleep in this case. If I remember correctly that this game was like 5 dollars and I would say it is also worth it. It has all the characteristics you want, exploration, leveling, dungeons, a story that is not terrible, much equipment, bosses, updates, skills and much more. My point is that this game is far from being bones, so do not let the price deceive you or think it is a free title to play for a dollar ... it is not. High quality production. The game controls as soft as silk. There are no ads or an energy system. For a dollar, you can play incessantly. I don\'t understand complaints about control. There are tons of loot for the equipment, the elaboration, the skills, the update of its city, etc. The game is worth more than a dollar, obviously, that is so that they do not completely lose their shirts in the scrap metal that expect completely free games. I saw negative with respect to controls: these may have changed recently, but controls really drive this positive review. That combined with a unique \"shift -based\" style \"makes this a great game so far. I have problems entering mobile games, but I have sunk a solid 8 -hour game (until now), which far exceeds the average. I would give 4 due to lack of elaboration instruction, but I want to compensate for the score for you so it must have been a difficult beginning. You have to give time to the game. It is very frustrating at the beginning, but it will be easier to understand. The game is really simple. As for the elaboration, etc., I have not done much there, but understanding it is becoming clearer. The game is fun and fresh and some levels can be frustrating with an easy response such as treasures maps, your letter will correspond to the problem. So, this game has a good fight in shifts, gear system, loot of enemies and good art/ graphics. Some of the things I would like to see. I want a way to turn off the graphics of the walls in the dungeon. I just passed the first mine, but it was a bit so easy, I would like to see a difficult settings.

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"Welcome to this modern reinterpretation of a rogue-like dungeon crawler! You will need a strategy with self-judgment and control, a necessity in SRPG and tactical games. Break through challenges and trials by controlling the character directly. ! Network connection required. ! Archer can be used when you complete the early main quest. *Explore dungeons, and discover an unwanted and dark reality. *Explore regions with diverse themes and randomly generated dungeons with optimized, intuitive, and easy-to-use mobile device controls. *Fight boss monsters with deadly attack patterns and earn loot. *Engage in these ordeals by using characters with close combat and long distance skills. *Not only battles, but various traps and puzzles also lie in wait.\"