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Spotlight: Room Escape
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Javelin Ltd.
  • Version : 8.38.0
  • Updated : March 11, 2022
  • Size : 32M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

This game is wonderful !! Super high quality, the puzzles are challenging, the line of history is the perfect amount of attractions and creepy, and each level had a different feeling. Reminiscent to PC games as Syberia. There were a few times when I was trapped, but you can always find a tutorial or see a ... Absolutely one of the most incredible escape games I\'ve played. All puzzles and enigmas are very well thought out. The only fault (or maybe it\'s just me, that could not solve it) that I found was after the light, there is a safe combination inside the locker in one of the rooms, and the combination w ... Very well enjoying this game. I played others who were pretty simple, and this requires you think a bit out of the box, while also tells you that you do not miss the obvious! There are small pieces you need to collect a little hidden here and there, so click to find everything. (Included ... This game is great! The puzzles are complex and fun. I love how random items you find can be combined together to do something useful. The settings of the room are chaotic and messy, so find items and know where to click next is difficult; That\'s part of why I prefer this application about others Escape Roo ... Fantastic and addictive game !!! The puzzles are very challenging but not impossible, you just have to use your brain. I love that there are multiple levels and multiple chapters. Also digging the fact that you can redo a level for more stars. To the developers of the game, please continue with the great work! I would like...

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"Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures? “Spotlight: Room Escape” is a thrilling app based on the theatrical drama scene. What would you be up to if you have been kidnapped and locked up in a strange room with no clue about how you reached there? You literally have forgotten everything and your only aim is to escape from the room before time runs out. Start your investigations and find the answers to various questions like who kidnapped you, the purpose of your kidnapping and lot more on the process of finding the way out.! The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is beautifully designed with mysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Every object in the Room is placed with clear logic around it and each scene describes deep meaning.! Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escape the mysterious Room. Get ready for the most adventurous thrilling journey of your life with “Spotlight: Room Escape”. Collect the clues and start building the plan to escape the way out. The game has intuitive gaming controls perfect for players from all age groups. Find out the necessary things hidden in the room like Torch, Rope and lot more to have your Escape plan ready. The game has lots of mysterious levels each designed with unique exit plans. Explore the location carefully and combine various clues to find the way out.! Check out your detective skills and investigate every scene and objects to find the clues. Put on your logical hat and solve the various number and letter puzzles to open the locks. The clues can be hidden anywhere around you. Solve the riddles and words by investigating the clues found. The game requires complete patience skills and analyzing skills along with the logical thinking to solve the scenes quickly and escape out. The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is a perfect game for all those who love investigating items around and have awesome analyzing and logical thinking capabilities.

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