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The Legacy 2
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  • Version :
  • Updated : Jun 15, 2022
  • Size : 934.2 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Chico, I can\'t say anything more than good things about the developers of this game along with the lost lands. The graphics, the story, the puzzles, ho, the collections and the characters are fantastic! I love these games! However, I saw that there were about 7 of the Lands Lost games, but I could only find 3 of these, I hope there is more to come because they have me hooked! I will definitely try the New York mysteries and the Tricky Doors application too! Thanks again for these challenging games! Easier than the first, since I am now used to the style, but I still needed the tutorial in some places. Beautiful Graphics, Diana is a true wonder of a woman, and the mini games were quite easy. Third time (approximately 6 weeks after the first time), I obtained everything, including achievements. The menu bonus game ... If you have ever played flow, this is easy. Very entertaining, it is a pleasant point and click with enough puzzles to prevent it from being boring. An interesting story based freely on central or South American culture, a little different from other games like this I have played. You will need suggestions, which after the first five free you will need to buy; I bought some, only as a thanks from the developers. Much better history than the first part. The character organically flows into history. The only thing I don\'t like about the series \"The Legacy\" is that it runs as an anthology. In my opinion, it makes no sense to create a \"part 1, 2, 3, etc.\" If none of them is related to the other. But still, creators pay close attention to details, it is definitely beautifully made. This particular series only gives me too much beginner sensation. It still deserves 5 stars! Another really interesting and fun game! Five-BN has become my favorite application developer. Their games follow a funny story, they use great animation and pass by step by step makes sense. Best of all, games are free without addition. Free coins can be obtained watching 5-30 seconds videos. The puzzles range from easy to challenging but not frustrating. When the legacy completes, I will continue in your games list. Only the minor improvement is to expand the text in the \"Search objects\" list. Thank you five!

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"The search for a lost artifact takes you to another world! Take an exciting journey in the realm of an ancient civilization. \"Legacy: Prisoner\" is a HO adventure game, with a huge number of exciting mini-games and puzzles, which will take you right into a maelstrom of fantastic events in a distant world! When Diana, a young employee at the Museum of Natural History, notices a guard carrying away a rare Mayan bust, she rushes after him without thinking twice. But the pursuit takes an unexpected turn. Diana finds herself in another world, and not for the first time... And the way back is closed to her! Learn who will help Diana to face the numerous challenges awaiting her. Accompany them in their journey to the very end! In order to rescue a prisoner from an ancient temple and return home, Diana will have to complete a wide range of dangerous tasks, search temples and dungeons, conduct ancient rituals, and make some unusual friends who can help her. An unforgettable adventure awaits! - Help Diana get through the hardships and find the way home! - Discover a new, puzzling world and meet its inhabitants! - Test yourself with more than 40 fun mini-games and puzzles. - Find items from hidden collections and look for morphing objects. - Enjoy stunning locations, beautiful art and great music.