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Weapon Throwing RPG 2
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yuika project
  • Version : 1.1.2
  • Updated : Feb 26, 2020
  • Size : 108.7 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

It is a very basic role play with little ground that is great. The story is boring but okay. The audio mixture could be better, music and sound effects are a bit noisy. The direction of art between the main characters and the enemies is very different, but that is more fun for me than bad. If you need to kill time on your daily trip, this game is perfect for that. Edit: There is a resistance system, which I have never found too unpleasant, although it is occasionally annoying, and once you arrive decently in the game, it begins to feel impossible to progress, but for a free game it is worth it and it is worth having a lot of fun of He, really a good game, maybe it is not exactly what you would expect, but it is very fun, and there are no advertisements unless you choose it, and you can progress well without inapp purchases. (Leaving a review after cleaning the world 3) Really simple, without \"generic\" RPG type pressure. I enjoyed playing this to spend time. Until now, I appreciate the ease of collecting gold and gems and the option to see an announcement to extend the resistance (type of game timer in the game) for longer game sessions. Definitely relaxing. Having a feeling of time during combat helps me a lot and allowed me to clean the levels of the world 3 to 15 low, among other things. It is a reduced basic Timesink, and it is fine. More or less similar to the first game, but with a variety of more weapons and heroes. The energy system and Ruby are not so annoying, as long as you save your ruby ​​for things that really matter (nothing is Pay2win in Ruby Shop, although Double Exp helps a ton), and you start running out of energy near End -Pla, or played for hours until you could not get any level For what it is, simple but effective. Energy is an annoying button to increase, so it is not bad. One of the favorites at this time, definitely a mandatory game.

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"Tons more weapons and secret skills than the previous game! ◆ User-friendly, intuitive RPG for light gamers! ◆ Throw weapons to attack your enemies! Destroy weapons thrown at you! The more you use weapons, the stronger they become, leveling up during battle! Secret skills are activated when leveling up! Combine various weapons and items for your own customized battle strategy! Advance through the story to unlock new characters. Mastering each character’s unique abilities will give you advantages in battle. ◆Battle in the Arena!◆ You can test your skills in the Arena! Defeat opponents there to acquire rare weapons and armor! ◆Story◆ This is the Sky Island “Forselia” In an effort to maintain peace throughout the Sky Islands, the Lord must use his “Double Weapon Throwing” technique to do away with invading monsters. Today he has taken on a request to exterminate a Wyvern, and is on his way to get it done. This is just the beginning of a much larger battle, that will ultimately determine the fate of all Sky Islands.