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2 Player Games : the Challeng‪e‬
  • Version : 2.5
  • Updated : March 31, 2021
  • Size : 19M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Good game but has some flaws This is an amazing game for any road trip, or if your at a lost of what to do with a friend. Has tons of really fun minigames for everyone to enjoy, but some games has some flaws. First, the Crab Volley and the Ping Pong game are kinda strange with the how it’s hard to tell whether the ball has landed yet. I like how you attempted to fix around the problem of a bouncing ball on a 2d screen but it just doesn’t work too well, and it’s not your fault. Second, the physics on the Pool game are a bit wacky, but that’s not much of a big deal. And the last problem I can think of on the top of my head is how the Chess game and Checkers game are just wrong in general. In Chess you win by capturing the opposing king, and in Checkers your forced to capture a piece if possible. Besides those small flaws, great game and keep up the work!

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"If you want to play with your friend on the same device, this is the right game! But also if you have no friends to have fun in multiplayer on one device, just play alone against the AI! Challenge your friend with this collection of 2 player games and enjoy the beautiful graphics of the minigames! Choose between one of the 2 player games ( and remember that you can also play alone against the AI if you have no possibility to multiplayer): Ping Pong : Move the racket with your finger and challenge your friends! Spinner war : Push your opponent outside the stage! Two players on a small area are too much! Air hockey : Use your finger to move the paddle and score letting the puck entering in your friend's goal! Snakes : Don't touch your opponent's body and stay alive! Pool : The classic pool game for 2 player on one device! Tic tac toe : Instead of using pen and paper just open the app and challenge your friend on the same device! A two player classic! Penalty kicks : Let the goalkeeper dive and kick the soccer ball to make goal! Sumo : The multiplayer version of a famous Japanese sport!

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