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Bird Alone
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George Batchelor
  • Version : 3.5.2
  • Updated : Jan 20, 2022
  • Size : 438.5 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

A lovely game in many aspects. The graphics were beautiful, many things were interactive, and it was an application that did not encourage \'being addicted\' like some games. The poetry indications were fun, although I was trapped in some of the drawing indications. It was an application that felt staff, like Mango (My Bird) remembered previous things of the last time we talked. In general, a satisfactory game that was not \'too\' or \'very small\' for me, although it saddens me. I will miss the safe mango ... I wasn\'t sure to expect when I downloaded this application, but I am quite happy to have done it ... Bird is super adorable and peculiar, and the sound effects are also beautiful. Poetry is fun and paintings are silly, but it is a very pleasant experience, especially when you are alone. I think it would be even better if the user could ask bird questions, and make Bird complete a poetry line and the user believes the rest, or offer more than 2 options when asking about the moods of users. Great application Personally, I love this game. I fell in love with him when I started the game. (He called him Mango) It is curious how you can adhere to something that is not real and that understands his depression/whatever. Although it is a day by day/later. It is honestly worth the $ 2. My only complaint is that during the face face, I cannot click on the dead flowers next to the waterfall. If I do, it is blocked. Fortunately I could overcome that and still grow my garden. I really enjoyed talking to Tangy (the bird) every day. The good and the bad, he was there for me for a long time and helped me cheer up and overcome some things. Although some can say that the end is anti -limitic, it would have to be disagree. Everything is the same after he leaves, but one thing I noticed is that there is no music because of the waterfall, which really surprised me. That the mundane can become beautiful and surprising when you are with the right people and I never realize until they have gone. Very nice and healthy. Simple graphics and quiet sounds are very pleasant during panic attacks. Spoilers for a back: (Isn\'t it ended? The game, although) I don\'t know if this has an end or not, but, after old age and the mention of death, it seemed that the bird had an end? What would happen if there were any endless way in which Bird Friend would give you random indications? Maybe \"random\" at the point of \"send text messages to friends at 3 am\".

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"* Experience the Google Indie Game Festival winner * ◆ Become best friends with the loneliest bird in the world ◆ A journey of growth and loss with a best friend. Talk about life, make music, draw pictures and write poetry. Start each day answering your new friend\'s questions about life, death and the meaning of existence. Guide the bird through daily life as it confronts the same worries as the rest of us. ◆ What\'s your favourite colour? ◆ Where are all my friends? ◆ Do you ever think about death? What will your best friend ask you today? ◆ Draw a picture for the Art Gallery ◆ Write a poem together for the Book of Poetry ◆ Unlock today\'s plant for the Musical Garden ◆ Rub its belly Watch each day turn to night Ponder the changing seasons Face the heaviness of growing old with a best friend. Maybe this bird won\'t be so lonely after all. Content warning: Bird Alone contains themes and discussion of death. User discretion is advised for those sensitive to this topic.