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The Catapult 2: Stickman game
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  • Version : 6.4.1
  • Updated : December 24, 2021
  • Size : 155M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

This game is amazing along with the new tank mode. I played this game a bit and I returned and it is still amazing. Only the complaint is that it requires a lot of grinding to get good things. Apart from that, this game is amazing. This game is probably one of my favorite mobile games so that they exist, do not pay to win, I have never passed a penny in this game, it has few advertisements, they release excellent updates, the new tank mode is incredible and developers. Actually, listen to what the community wants, as once they added an energy ... The new update is amazing! I used to play and then quit smoking. I was bored. Then my husband told me about the new update and now I can not download it! Great job with the tank that governs! I wish there are not such high levels to unlock some things, but that is my only complaint from now on. Fun and challenging. OK An update really enjoys the game, but a couple of things that need to be changed. The armored aircraft, I could not really damage it, much less destroy it. And it seems that I can not be able to use the arrows of weapons of the armor. Help This is the first game to stay interested and want to play more. The sound effects are great, which makes it as satisfactory to kill the enemy. Very challenging and fun to improve your weapons and equipment. Great game, and now add the tank option.

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"The Catapult 2 – the best casual games with stickman duelist! Our casual game for two player and single player. We have created a new casual game where you can launch stones and cannonballs to defend your castle against other stickman warriors. Join the brand-new stickman battle of casual game and show them what you got! If you are keen on casual games, throwing games, tower defense games, then The Catapult 2 is definitely for you! Expect many challenging fights with pirate stickmen and grow your castle to have the best defense against your enemies in our casual game. This casual game can be played alone or with your friends, if you like casual games for 2 players. Your mighty stickman warriors can be equipped with spears, cannons and many more exciting weapons that will make your stickman army the strongest across the lands in our casual games. Speaking of vast lands, in this casual game you get to explore new ones and face unique challenges in the process! Fight in the snowy hills, take your stickman war to the flowering fields, or crush enemies among the falling leaves. The Catapult 2 is one of the best casual games on the market with lots of new things to discover for each player. The Catapult 2 – the best casual games for two player and single player. Your stickman cannon shooter will have a chance to fight artillery, siege towers and huge combat mechanisms in 180 levels of this casual games. Defend your tower from archers and catapults of different sizes and strengths. The enemies will throw stones and arrows at you relentlessly! They will try to crush the castle! Upgrade your weapons, catapults, crossbows, arrows, and become a hero in the stickman games and war! Casual games like this one are the best way to keep your mind busy and entertained while you are planning your next epic cannon shot in our casual game! Casual games like this one have a lot to offer. Upgrade and grow your mighty castle! You can upgrade the towers by adding slots with archers or cannons that will deal more damage to the enemies. Don’t be an idle stickman, fight for your honor in our casual game! This casual game has very simple and intuitive controls. Tap on the screen, pull to charge the catapult, and adjust the force. Release to launch a surprise attack at an enemy, triumph at stickman games and fight like a hero in our casual game! You can also play this casual game in the multiplayer mode to enjoy it not only on your own, but also with your friends and family. Now you can play offline with other players and win PvP battles! If you enjoy casual games, then make sure to try out The Catapult 2 and share it with your friends for even more stickman battle fun! Triumph at casual games and share your success with everyone! Have a good game in our casual game!

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