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ExoMiner - Idle Miner Universe
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  • Version : 1.2.2
  • Updated : March 16, 2022
  • Size : 75M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Cool Small game, ads are not invasive and are optional. Eventually, there is a soft cover where you can not continue through the goals because it is prohibitively expensive, since you could sell the most expensive compensators for 5 real years and still do not have enough money to improve the objectivate ... This last update has become easier and more interactive. It has ellos of the classical resource meeting. No advertisements are interposed on the road. Well designed, and it makes you anxious to make the collection process faster. Start a bit slow, but it becomes much faster, more levels. Everything is a fin ... This is just a cold idle game with an emphasis on inactive. It simply collects resources to sell and expand, then convert those of the items to progress. The best part is that I do not bomb with ads. It seems that I can not move forward beyond the 3rd restoration. Unlock everything you can in the research tree and Bo ... Undermanding, but satisfactory. This game does not harass with ads, but it has very rewarding bonuses to choose them. Issues? It was a bit difficult to discover how to balance Yeild Versus Shipping at the beginning. The amount extracted and the amount minted per second have ove ... Edited this is really cute. It is a simple concept executed well. Art is beautiful, almost fluent. I love that there are no forced ads. The small pop up is enough to know that it is there, but it does not ruin the aesthetics of the game or get upset on the road. It\'s a bit slow, definitely an inactive game ...

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"Ever dreamed of conquering planets? Leaving your mark on human history? Rivaling the Medici, Rockefeller, and Bezos? Making unbelievable money and ADVANCING the world? Discovering and creating life changing technologies? Then, strap in, because you are headed to the STARS. PLANETS TO DISCOVER Even after you go from rags to riches… you’re only getting started. Build your reputation as a daring entrepreneur and keep expanding your empire into daring new galactic fronts. ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS Other games just give you empty numbers while you tap away. ExoMiner is still easy to play. Watch your corporation grow from a humble mine with a tiny spaceship, to covering entire worlds. PROFIT FROM LUCRATIVE CRAFTING Has anyone ever said two businesses are worse than one? You won’t only reap profits from settling planets. You discover materials, invent new technologies, and craft more items. 68+ MATERIALS! MINING NEVER GETS OLD Your interstellar experience isn’t going to be mining the same boring stuff. There are 68+ different ores, alloys, and ingots you can discover and craft. Turn these into items you can sell to make even more PROFIT! BUILD YOUR EMPIRE WHILE YOU\'RE AWAY Your miners, ships, and heavy machinery are busy at work for hours! Doesn’t matter if you put your phone down when you’re at work, eating, or sleeping at night! Your empire keeps growing! What are you waiting for? There are planets for you to write your name on!

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