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Hungry Hearts Diner 2
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GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
  • Version : 1.2.0
  • Updated : Mar 6, 2022
  • Size : 521.5 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

It is definitely not the usual inactive game. In fact, I think that is done on purpose to lead badly and suddenly a wonderful story is happening. History surprised me, many times, with many sub -films with heavy themes that I did not expect, and the epilogue made me cry a little. I got a lot involved in wanting to end the story to know what was going to happen. I am still interested in the characters and what could happen to them. Thanks for such a good, simple and different game! The return of one of my favorite games! It is really nice :) My only small thing is that, even with an update of the table, it becomes intense to keep up with everyone\'s request. I think the customer rate should reduce speed. But! This game is adorable! And healthy! With incredible small stories, good design of characters and good graphics! I loved the first game, but there are so many ads in this! I do not appreciate the random ads that do not appear for any reward in addition to the optional ads for rewards. Sometimes I close the application because I don\'t want to deal with it. The story was so good although I cried, simply wonderful. If you loved the first game, you will love this sequel. Much of the cast is new that gives you a new experiences. Although some time has passed since I played the first game, the game is largely the same with minor changes. The way Stroy works is also a bit different. Before, each character has its own section completely for his history. Now, there are chapters that progress the stories of certain characters at the same time. This allows parallel chapters to interact more. I came to a restaurant application and ended with a moving story full of unique and charming characters. Absolutely wonderful game. Funny game and nothing too agitated, so it is a relaxing game. The ads are quite discreet and those who interrupt only last a short time (not in the+ long minute that I am seeing a lot). Very nice game with adorable characters.

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"The long-awaited sequel to the highly-acclaimed series is here! In Hungry Hearts Diner 2, be the boss of a small eatery in a quiet corner of 1960\'s Tokyo. This casual restaurant management sim comes jam-packed with story, and you\'ll have a chance to both catch up with old friends and meet new faces. Grandma\'s back with an all-new diner location but the same delicious cooking...and a few new recipes, to boot! Taste popular classics like curry, ramen, and miso soup, but don\'t forget to browse our selection of more retro and traditional Japanese foods like natto, nikujaga, and okonomiyaki as well. We\'ve got a huge selection of tasty treats, and yes, even the undisputed emperor of Showa sweets—fruit parfait! But you\'re not just here for the food, right? ...Right? Okay, you are, but so is everyone, at first. Stay a while, however, and Grandma\'s garrulous manner will soon have you as chatty as her other regulars. They\'re an odd bunch, and they all seem to have their share of troubles. But after the third bowl of miso soup or so, they\'ll open up and reveal their stories, both joyous and sad. Strap in for an all new set of tales, with some surprising twists and turns along the way. And remember, everyone\'s got that one special meal they can just never forget.