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Marsaction: Infinite Ambition
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Joystix Limited
  • Version : 1.3.9
  • Updated : Oct 16, 2022
  • Size : 670.3 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Really a great game. The graphics are really pleasant. In general, the game is very well designed ... but the biggest complaint I have, and that any other player has, is that the rewards are very few, the resources are extremely difficult to accumulate (they are consumed in large quantities for update buildings that take an eternity to do so). The increase in rewards payments for a reasonable amount would definitely improve general morality within the game. Thank you Yes, spend a little cash and get some great heroes! Just make sure you will pay the bills first. This game is something addictive. I need more of all () This is simply pleasant to see and fun play. Sounds and music and all different voices are incredible. It\'s worth it! Very fun and many things to do that keep you busy. Enough not to keep buying things to continue advancing. Some of the timers are too long, that\'s the only thing I see is wrong. The game is very good, but the fall is that to progress you really have to spend your money, but I suppose that it is with many games in the market these days the game could do with more ways to collect resources instead of having to pay , but I suppose that most games developers are willing to win a quick dollar or two, but I think the game deserves 5 stars for quality and game ... The application is excellent !!! Look, I have never played a game on a mobile phone that works as well as this game. The quality of the graphics is great! I am using a phone with the maximum of 2Gigabite RAM and 32 storage gigspace. Game other games but run slowly and sometimes blocked. This game is also blocked, but there are only 5 out of 100 due to the quality of my phone. Thank you very much for this Marsaction team.

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"It has been decades since the Human Union first initiated the Mars Colonization Program. After generations of endeavor, humans have made themselves a new home on this red globe, living in harmony with its native inhabitants, the insectoid species known as the Swarm. However, the peace was soon broken due to some known reasons for the Swarm\'s mutation. The human race on Mars has faced dire challenges from these primitive creatures. The once friendly neighbors become hostile enemies. Sustaining the human race and protecting the lives on Mars is the top priority. And, finding out why Swarm turned so aggressive all of a sudden can get to the root of the problem. General, set your foot on Mars and build your Base to protect our people! It is a road paved with thorns, a road less traveled. But use a little strategy and unite with your allies; you can be the great keeper of the human civilization on this inner planet! [Features] * Explore the unknown areas on Mars, attack Swarms, and rescue the survivors. When your Exploration Progress reaches 100%, you can fully expand your Base and elevate your power! But be careful when exploring outside, for you may bump into giant alien sandworms and spiders! * Unite with your allies in an Alliance and grow big together. Here you can enjoy the adventure with players from all around the world. All the Alliance Members can fight together and grow together through thick and thin. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable! * Captain is the leader of the army, your trustworthy right-hand man. Developing your Captain’s Skills and crafting the Equipment for your Captain will grant you various boosts. * Recruit Heroes in the Space Capsule and build yourself an elite squad! These Heroes from various backgrounds all have a common understanding of what we are up against. They will be the helping hands in carrying out various missions! * Each step on Mars requires thorough planning. Make wise plans when constructing various buildings and conducting technological research. Remember to manufacture the best Mecha Warriors and dispatch them with a clear purpose. A brilliant General always sees the way to victory.