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Pirate Kings™️
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Jelly Button Games
  • Version : 8.8.6
  • Updated : April 5, 2022
  • Size : 175M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Reminds me of Coin Master, but there\'s a lot more going on to keep it interesting. Would definitely recommend! I noticed a small glitch at one point - after watching an ad for a free spin, the camera was positioned a bit too far to the left, almost enough to cut off the rightmost \"steal... Me gusta mucho este juego. The only draw back being that sometimes the things, like spins, that you need to keep playing, are easily exhausted in short amounts of time. One can make the in-app purchases, but that gets expensive, very quickly....or...you can sit out til the game replenishes. Neither o... Absolutely love this game! Muy divertido. Sometimes you win & sometimes you loose but it\'s still fun. The underlying theme of the game is basically the same, only the format changes to keep it interesting. Beautiful bright graphics. My only recommendations would be that if you \"power up\" to 5× or 10x ... Love the game but would like you make a suggestion. 1. Can we have the bomb limit i stead of 80 just keep collecting like we do the spins I think that would help the players complete the challenge better. 2. When you attack an island can we get the buildings to disappear after 5 hits that way you kn... I\'ve honestly been playing for 7 years. The developers say it\'s an easy game to play but I haven\'t won anything in the whole time I\'ve been playing. But I reckon I\'m just unlucky. I\'ve went low, when I should\'ve went high and vice versa. But there\'s a knack to it, 3,6,9 are magic numbers, so count y...

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"Sound the Alarm! It’s time to attack, revenge and steal your friends’ pirate treasure in this epic online pirate game experience! Shall you live the pirates’ life? Ahoy there, matey - it\'s time to tell friend from foe! - Invite your friends...and then attack their lands, steal their stuff, raid their loot...and watch your friends’ islands go Boom! - Build your pirate kingdom, and defend it from your pirates friends’ revenge! - Stash coins, prizes and all the pirate treasure you can carry to build your islands! - Be the master of your own pirate kingdom - avast, ye who draw near! - Master the slot of good fortune for loot and other goodies!! Will you be the richest Pirate King of all? Or will you lose it all in a friend’s raid on your loot? All’s fair in love and pirate games. So be the Pirate King. Enjoy brand new swashbuckling adventures, live the pirate-y life all wrapped up in the thrill of an online multiplayer game. Master and build your own pirate lands in this social pirate adventure game!

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