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Pokémon Quest
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The Pokemon Company
  • Version : 1.0.6
  • Updated : October 19, 2021
  • Size : 161M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

This game is fantastic, the art style is lovely, the music is nice, and the game is fun (although sometimes it is quite challenging). There are no ads in sight, and the game is fully playable without bombing any money. For a free Pokémon experience, you can not really overcome it. There are parts ... Super easy to play and super cute and creative! I want the expeditions to be a little more exciting. In addition, the training part is a bit rare. The MOBEE battery must be longer as well. But the game is still very fun. I really like the part where you are soup for the Pokémon. The skills are beautiful ... This game is amazing, especially if you like Pokémon! I do not even think there are ads on it! If there is, very limited, and never appears at important times! Easy to play, and easy to understand! Not to mention that it has such a cute and cubic style, which makes it very fun and exciting to play! I am there... A time has passed since I\'ve been this addict to a phone game! To begin with, I recently got into the madness of Pokémon, and I was sailing through the games when he stumbled over this. Intrigued, I tried, and I liked the concept of cubes pokémon and base management. Yes, you will probably get a litt ... Very simple and very cute graphics. Is it more difficult progressively during the whole game, but it makes it more enjoyable? Good ideas are in this game and the story is interesting and pleasant. Tickets are quite difficult to get, but you can simply wait until Til Tommorow. My only complaint is that the l ...

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"• The Pokémon you know and love have turned into...cubes?! Head out in search of treasure with your cube-shaped Pokémon buddies on Tumblecube Island—a land where everything is a cube! Your goal is to find the awesome goodies said to be hidden on the island ! The Pokémon you know and love from Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue appear in this game. • Battle by tapping! The simple controls make for lively and fun battles! Danger is lurking, so you’ll need the help of your Pokémon buddies on your expeditions on the island. When wild Pokémon appear, your Pokémon will battle ferociously and knock them out one after another! • Befriend Pokémon to make your own unique team! You can use the items you get from your expeditions to befriend more Pokémon or make your Pokémon stronger. Make more buddies to create a team that’s all your own, and head out on more expeditions! • Spruce up your base camp with cute decorations! Your base camp is your home for this adventure, and you can spruce it up however you like with cute and fun decorations! These decorations can also make your expeditions on the island more beneficial.

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