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Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game
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InnoGames GmbH
  • Version : 1.46.5
  • Updated : Nov 3, 2022
  • Size : 608.1 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

This is a great game. No PVP destroys my kingdom while sleeping. Great PVE game and attainable objectives for special events. There are accessories, but you don\'t have * * see them and the advantages are pleasant if you do. However, do not touch the aggregates. The game is blocked and you do not get your reward and there is no way to try to do it again, that is: healing. Doesn\'t it defeat the purpose of additions? If I paid to announce with this game, I would be angry. Very nice and relaxing. Easy to understand and progress through missions. The battles are simple and can be difficult to win. I especially like that you are not seeing constant ads when you are in the application, only if you want the impulse. I like the game. Simple and fun. Very possible to play for free. The ads generally provide good materials. I have not had any technical problems such as delay, shocks or freezing. I just hit the bronze age. And although I found the repetitive fight at the beginning, I realized that different locations can save their troops and money to train them. I would like to expand was faster, but I understand the point of view of developers. Simply add more things to do. I love history and now I love this game. This game is probably the best civilization game I have played! The combat feels refreshing compared to games like clans shock. And the concept is so simple but so fun! I am now at the beginning of the Bronze Age. (Which means that I have a long way to go), so I haven\'t seen about half of the game yet. I have not seen a single Add Except for when they have rewards and it was optional. Although the game has some (minor) problems to crash, it is not enough to take off a star. It is worth your time! It is a very fun game to kill time, and unlike games such as clans shock, wait is less. Even if you are waiting for an update or something, there are other things that keep you busy. It is a good balance. On the ads that everyone continues to mention: I have never experienced a single ad, unless trying to obtain the additional impulse and additional loot gifts, etc., which are definitely not necessary if you do not want to see ads.

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"Do you want to see a civilization rise up? Revel in the history of mankind in this historical city construction simulator game! Build your kingdom from the ground and rise up from Stoneage through medieval times to an urban city. Forge a powerful civilization from the beginning of history to infinity. Revel in a variety of empires led by different cultures. Develop your civilization in this construction simulator. Engage in an advanced multiplayer world and dominate. Find the best strategy to rule your civilization. Progress through the game and dive into the well-known cultures of mankind. FEATURES • BUILD - Establish your empire: build multiple cities with different civilizations! • CULTURES - Unlock different cultures and revel in history! • ALLIANCE – Join an alliance, chat, trade and collaborate with other players worldwide. • FIGHT strategic PvE battles! Research the newest war technologies and train your troops to spread your influence faster! • TRADE goods with your neighbors. Have some bronze on your hands while your neighbor is producing wool? Enrich your empire by building strong trade relationships! • RESEARCH new technologies! Science is key to progress faster. • EXPLORE new territories! Travel through the world map and expand your lands. • MEET famous historic characters along the way. • EVENTS help friends from ancient civilizations like Hercules rise up to their destiny Based on the historic development of ancient civilizations, your world map will fill up with various cultural settlements. In the era of Classic Greece for your main city to flourish you will need to settle in Egypt. Use Egyptian goods, to establish your influence on the continent and expand further. Ally with The Chinese Empire to get all the materials needed to lead your city through the glorious times of the Roman Empire. Fight strategic battles against history’s most famous war chiefs. King Minos, Leonidas, Hannibal – just a few of the many enemies you will dominate in the strategic PvE battles to gain global domination. Meet famous historic characters along your way! Fight strategic battles side by side with Caesar. Discover traditions of the mysterious Egypt together with Cleopatra. Research new technologies with Einstein and use science to advance your city. Your smart leadership and strategic skills will determine how fast your civilization develops. Choose the best tactics to lead your people to honor. Witness the Rise of Cultures!