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Savior Fantasy
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  • Version : 2.0.5
  • Updated : Dec 21, 2020
  • Size : 377.2 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

This game clearly launched and had some mistakes, but I don\'t care. This game is fun and addictive in good sense. :) edit: After downloading it again because it was fun, I had to play it again, it did not work, and the problem was the popular problem that many people spoke, it was just my device and worked after using another device! The game is good. But one way to improve it is to increase the number of classes you can choose from; People have their own favorites. In addition, the appearance must change according to the used equipment. But everything else amazing. I love great game! He has been a fanatic for a long time. The chat needs to fix. When you change scenes while you write, you have to get out of the game and reopen. Prevents him from chatting until you do. Strength closures are also becoming bad. Most of the things get closer while chatting. That has just started a week ago. Please fix these This game has potential. Unfortunately, it is due to decent content. Give us events that benefit P2W and F2P players :) Seriously, it is one of the reasons why you have more ghost servers than animated. There is nothing to grind. There is no benefit when doing so in any way. Give us content :) You could even recover your old players. The most fanatic game !!! I was literally so hooked that I played 2 hours in a row. I definitely love the range system. In my opinion, all of you would do it very well if everyone adds a battle of 50 players in this game. That is just my suggestion. Although I love the game

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"Savior Fantasy, a next-gen MMOPRG of Steampunk and Fantasy. Explore this fully immersive fantasy land and embark on an extraordinary journey! -Background- Players start their journey from [Waltzie Academy], to become powerful young sorcerers who utilize magical weapons to pave their own way onto the battlefield. In this mystical journey, our young sorcerers will meet friends, myriads of pets and partners to fight against evil forces from the abyss...... -Features- Magic Campus Style and 360°Full View Extravagant graphical display overhauled with perfect 3D graphics that mold the world into shape. It’s made to provide an exquisite and fun gaming experience in the hands of the player Gorgeous [Waltzie Academy], unprecedented scenes and battle animations are all in the palm of your hand! Unique Character Customization System, various stunning clothing, 2 unique characters for your choosing! Customize your very own face; Mix and match with Costumes, Weapons, Hairstyles with even their colors at your will; Cute Skirts, gorgeous gowns, mighty weapons… Create your own unique combination whenever you’d like and let your character shine under the spotlight. Both Spirit Swordsman and Shadow Dancer are distinct from one another, each having their own unique backstory and skills waiting to unfold… Mix and match them and craft a style of your own for the battlefield. Distinct growth routes built with in-depth cultivation gameplay, each class having their very own legend to fulfill on the battlefield. Oath and Gesture System filled with love, display your truest form of affection to your loved ones! Roses are red, violets are blue, all I want is none other than you! Bring your loved ones to a romantic wedding hall, swear your oath to one another under the witness of your friends and family. Exchange a sacred kiss with one another and interact with romantic gestures that come with Exclusive Gear to boost your battle capabilities! Myriads of BOSSES and modes, treasures and rare items within your grasp at ease! Delve into the dangerous Devil King Guardian Areal. Robbing, attack reduction, critical and etc. are all tuned possible here, utilize them all to completely fend yourself against the forces of evil perfectly. Fair pairing system with myriads of Fight Systems for choosing, massive maps waiting to be unveiled. Access Guild Squad gameplay and bring your friends over for endless fun, the more the merrier! Fun Mentorship System, battle side by side with your tutor! You need help from your parents at home just as much as you need Mentors when you are in-game. Powerful Mentors will provide adventurers different power buffs that ease their journey in this evil-filled, vicious world! Mounts, Partners and Pets ready for action! Say goodbye to traditional RPG gameplay, introducing the all new Assist System where Pets, Mounts and Partners form powerful formations together to assist you in your battles. Cultivate them at will and create your very own godlike-strong team for impeccable mobbing efficiency. Mighty Partners, Cute Pets and ever changing styles await your discovery. Not to worry, they’re loyal to you until death!