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Sky: Children of the Light
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thatgamecompany inc
  • Version : 0.16.0 (182597)
  • Updated : December 18, 2021
  • Size : 1.3G
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

The healthiest and absolutely deep game I have played. It simply happens on the mobile (and change), a fact that does not hinder its performance, graphic beauty or intuitive control system. It has helped me connect with friends at Distance from Lond and family of all ages. Are both... An absolutely incredible experience, a pleasant community of useful people, beautiful landscapes and a small element of horror. My experience with heaven: Children of light have been unforgettable. The only problems I have are: the games a little hostile for beginners, there are very few environmental means ... Just amazing. I love this game! But his controls are a bit difficult. And flying mechanics need work. But the soundtracks and graphics are wow! I love flying to listen to soothing soundtracks and serious! But in all the great game, fix / improve what you need it and I think this game ... It\'s a very good game! But here is the thing, it does not really change anything with my rate, but every time I move my screen with my two fingers, that\'s how you\'re supposed to move your screen. Keep making my character move, could it at least make a point where one side moves on the other side? This game is amazing! I love unlocking new cosmetics, instruments, completing kingdoms, and we expect new seasons. This game is better to socialize with friends and run where he wants, and also to follow a beautiful story. I love changing the colors of my cape, but I would like to be able to ...

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"From the creators behind Journey and Flower, comes a peaceful social adventure that is set to warm your hearts - Sky: Children of the Light. With the stars united, our light was infinite. But darkness came and the stars fell, creating a new home in the clouds. A long time has is time to bring our lost stars home. Wake up Child of the Light, your adventure begins now. Experience the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones. Spirits and their stories will lead you through their peaceful world and all its 7 realms. Help the star spirits return home - you will need compassion for humanity, timeless wonder, and light within your heart to guide your way. Meet players in this peaceful, open world MMORPG and team up to uncover the secrets of Sky. Play together and encounter the great wonders that Sky has worldwide. Team up with others to adventure into darker realms, save spirits and uncover ancient treasures. Bring light and positive warmth to everything you touch. Join others from around the world on an adventure that never ends - Sky is an ever-expanding open world with expanding realms and seasonal events. In Sky, we arrive as the Children of the Light, spreading hope and light through the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their homes in the constellations.

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