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Tetramon Monster Battles TCG
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Sia Ding Shen
  • Version : 1.09
  • Updated : May 17, 2022
  • Size : 523.6 MB
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

Very fun game if you enjoy strategy games, it can be simple and complex in a very interactive way. I am immensely enjoying the game. I had a problem and was not loading and the developers set it quite fast, so it is definitely an advantage ... I just found a technical problem. I found another visual failure and sent the screenshots to the email provided. It implies my trophies and feels that it could be quite important. Incredible game! The battle system is so unique and progression feels great. The game is totally F2P and you will get several hours from it and for only an investment of $ 25 you can play \"competitively.\" I can\'t wait to see more content of you. Big fan. It is good that we do not know how to play this game at the beginning, but continue, it becomes a good game for all for all for 13+ Good graphics, unique and basically new battle style so far, I enjoyed it and I would love that developers follow it. This is very good mechanics and unique equipment creation. I give these 5 stars and yes, I\'ve been waiting for this game. I hope you do many characteristics in the game, but in general it is great.

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"Outsmart your opponent with your Tetramons team in this 8vs8 competitive card monster battle game. Collect card monster Tetramon, create your own monster squad and battle monster masters globally! Tetramon Duel Master is a pvp multiplayer turn-based strategy card monster collection game where you train your own monsters squad and battle with other monster master worldwide. Upgrade and discover new monster card, collect monsters card, fight in competitive monster battles, train monster squad and become the ultimate monster master. Start your monster battle journey now to become the true monster master! 8 VS 8 MONSTER BATTLES Play pvp turn based rpg strategy battles with your team of 8 monsters. Explore monster powers and show that you can be a great monster master. Make great tactical decisions in the monster battles. Pick between various monster attacks such as the Venom Strike, Power Drip, Poison Attack and choose the monsters with the best attack. By winning tamer battles you can grow monster squad that will be feared in the monster world and become the ultimate monster master. So try to win as many monster battle and constantly grow your monster team. COLLECT, UPGRADE, LEVEL UP & EARN REWARDS Take your team to the next level by increasing monster level and evolution. Collect monsters card, unlock new monster cards, and upgrade their special abilities to fit your best card monsters squad. Discover and collect new monster evolution so you can become the true monster master. Win battles in competitive monster rpg games to get rewards and further upgrade and evolve monsters to final form and become competitive monster legend! EXCITING BATTLE ARENAS Tetramon Duel Master takes you on variety of stunning battle arenas where the monster master duel are taking place. Defeat your enemies monster team and become the monster master of the arena. Feel the thrill and show that you are the best competitive monster trainer.