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Unison League
Ateam Inc
  • Version :
  • Updated : March 25, 2021
  • Size : 53M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

I been addicted to this game, it's so much fun and sure grinding is a chore but it's better handle then most games, plus daily events and what not. Thought two things that I see as a problem are: 1 the main chat, it's not really good especially when people want to erp which is just wrong on a E+10 game. The other problem is most of the items for evolving into UR must not be showing up on the reforged cause I want this armor and have all pieces except for the evil soul in which is a weapon Amazing game So I have had this game for 4 years and I love it. It lets me play with my sister who lives 8 hours away and we both enjoy this game a lot but the main problem I have with is this weird glitch. I will be playing the game and it freezes. I will then try exiting the app but nothing happens so I turn off the phone. When I push the power button nothing happens. Then I will have to hold the power button until the power off screen appears for the phone to turn on. This process can take about 3 minutes. It’s ok when I in the lobby or menu but when I’m in a quest I end up losing it can be frustrating. I am petty sure it’s not my phone I have changed it but still experience this and it’s only with this app I have this problem. Other than that this is an amazing game thank you !

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"Battle alongside friends and unleash over-the-top special attacks! A new style of real-time RPG! Awesome real-time play that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Team up with other players to unleash "Unison Attacks" that can call forth massive creatures to pulverize foes! Join our community! [GAME FEATURES] ▼Intense Guild Battles! Epic guild battles that allow for two teams of up to 10 players each to duke it out in real time! Work together and form the strongest tactics to destroy your enemies' Crystal and reign victorious! ▼Decisive Unison Attacks! Fuse Unison Summons with your guildies to unleash Unison Attacks that can call forth powerful entities to eliminate enemies! Mesmerizing attack scenes that will take your breath away! ▼Quest with Friends in Real Time! Brave the various terrains of Granvia with up to 5 friends at a time! Collaborate tactically or opt for all-out brute force to take down the monsters you encounter along the way! ▼Communication with Others Is a Snap! Chill out in the Lobby! Easy-to-use mid-battle chat for timely commands and adorable character animations for comical in-game lobby conversations! ▼Multitude of Features! Battle or "Spawn" for weapons, armor and monsters! Carefully select Gear with the best affinity to your Class to yield the greatest results! Obtain special materials to evolve your Gear so that they realize their true potential! Earn "Proficiency" to learn new Abilities and harness even greater might!

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