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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
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  • Version : 6.1.0
  • Updated : October 15, 2021
  • Size : 77M
  • OS: Android IOS



5 star reviews

There really must be some kind of cap when it comes to summoning special high-level, high-damage monsters in the first 1-2 turns. I hate meeting kaiba and other broken characters that only special summon 2 or 3 white dragons that are blue in just their first or second turn. It\'s just not ri ... I\'ve been playing this since the 1.5 year anniversary and say what you want about Yu-Gi-Oh tcg, but this is by far the most fun Yu-Gi-Oh game I\'ve ever played. Honestly, Konami has been handling a lot of issues with irl tcg vary well in this game. Powercreep, for example, is handled simply not ... I love this game. Fix / ban hackyugi ads. Sincerely, Ty for the anniversary gifts and giveaways with each new deck. <3 u Konami. Take hot, you don\'t do PTW here even though it\'s a card collector\'s game. Time is $. You get rewarded a lot just for playing and leveling up and moving on ...

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"\"Yu-Gi-Oh!\" is available on-the-go as a mobile app! Become the best Duelist in the world! Anywhere, anytime! Prepare yourself for some sweet Duels! [ABOUT \"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links\"] \'-Easy to learn rules and simple controls for beginners! \'-Don\'t worry if you are not sure how to use your cards. The game will indicate when you can activate your cards! \'-Among 3 million players who have participated in the past World Championships, even Duelists with only 3-6 months of Duel Links experience have also became a champion. Duel online and aim for the top of \"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links\"!

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