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Experience the game Lighter Simulation game review
From the actual experience, Lighter Simulation's theme is relatively unique, and flame, as a turning point of human civilization, is still an important and indispensable help for human beings so far. The gameplay and design concept of Lighter Simulation itself reminds me of Boba Recipe, a game of the same genre that I once recommended, with the same operating experience, the same on-screen operations, the same lack of complex plots, endless tasks and endless activities. Many times, lighting a lighter from Lighter Simulation and watching it burn quietly is enough to heal most people's hearts.

On the other hand, Lighter Simulation is pure to the core and requires more than a little whimsy from the player to bring out its charm. If you don't have shiny ideas, you'll just gradually lose patience in the plain, unadorned game and eventually get bored and quit.
Lighter Simulation screen scenes
The art of Lighter Simulation adopts a 3D stereoscopic art style, the game uses a solid color background and provides dozens of different styles of lighter skins for you to choose from, a single lighter in the best Zippo, there are more than ten styles of carved skin. The realistic dynamic visual effects make people praise, silky smooth animation, realistic flame burning effect, the halo around the flame changes, as if lighting a real lighter in general.

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