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Mining Master - Adventure Game game review
From the actual experience, Mining Master - Adventure Game as a mining theme action adventure game, slightly innovative in the integration of gameplay, quite innovative in the detail design, the art performance is relatively general, the operation experience needs to be improved. Exhibition of fossil gains with the collection of ore, so that players can continue to gain even if they are occasionally lazy. The design of placing the ore in the shape of a heart waiting for players to dig is amazing, and this unique and innovative way is quite interesting. The color mapping of Matchmaker characters, the level of detail of props and the richness of equipment still have more room for improvement.

On the other hand, Mining Master - Adventure Game needs to collect currency elsewhere after selling the ore, the slightly rough dinosaur fossil modeling, and the design of not being able to mine the ore again after the load is full, are considered slight criticisms of the game. And when you finish collecting dinosaur fossils will be surprised to find that people will only pay for admiring the diamonds and will not go to the dinosaur fossil exhibit and pay for it at all.
Mining Master screen scene
The art of Mining Master - Adventure Game adopts the common 3D stereoscopic look of action-adventure games, you will start the game with an oblique 45-degree God's perspective, the characters are based on the classic matchmaker look, the auxiliary miners are relatively petite, the visitors who come to enjoy the exhibition will patiently admire the various diamonds, and the managers of different departments are dressed in corresponding costumes. In terms of detail presentation, the diamonds in the exhibition area have their own different shapes, with a full range of round, hexagonal, heart and trapezoid shapes. The personalized mining picks and work caps that can enhance the player's attributes are also distinctive and eye-catching.

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