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Puzzle game Merge Miners game review
From the actual experience, the mining theme of Merge Miners has been widely known, and the integration of synthesis makes the original monotonous operation a lot of fun, and the randomly generated level obstacles are like adding the meat pigeon element to the game, giving rich connotation to the original simple game, mining, synthesis, falling, random obstacles, various elements fused together, as if a pot of It is like a delicious and mouth-watering Buddha jumping wall.

On the other hand, Merge Miners, as a puzzle game, also has a not-so-puzzle setting. In the game, once you open the treasure chest at the bottom of any passage, you can move on to the next level. But if you insist on digging from the most difficult channel, the game will not only not give you any hints, but also let you keep trying until you give up. Although this setting is harmless, but still will cause some minor displeasure.
Merge Miners graphics scene
The graphics of Merge Miners are 2D flat painting style with some pixelation style, presented in the form of side view, and all flat props are given a shiny texture. In terms of details, after each treasure chest is opened, in addition to a large number of gold coins will jump out, while also presenting a golden glittering effect. And mining tools in the process of falling, will also be accompanied by the same color pixel crumbs fall, the richness of detail is praiseworthy.

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